19 May 2012 1:17:05 PM

So the day after Anzac day me and my close friend were talking I really wanted to get my belly done but I had been putting it off for just about a year and my friend and I went out for lunch on the way we decided I was not chickening out this time I went into the tattoo shop. While I was waiting to get it done I was freaking out like mad I kept looking out the window and saw all my mates walk past which made me more scared. When i got it done I was holding my friends hand freaking out nd all of a suden I felt the stab and knew it was in the pain I felt (because I’m really sensetive) was a sharp stab like when u staples ur finger but worse. But at the end it felt good getting it done and now I’m pleased with it so I’m on here finding a new bar for it and hopefully a retainer. :)


2 May 2012 4:08:05 AM

Ever since i was a little girl iv wanted a belly ring. I thought they were the coolest things in the whole world. At christmas i asked my momma and she gave it some thought and said screw it why not. I spent the next few months freaking out. Then i realized due to their divorce i had to ask my dad... all hope was lost. I did the whole puppy dog look and made him feel a little guilty and he actually broke to my suprise. As long as you never get a tattoo i will allow this is his exact words. I immediatly went to my brothers house ( he is also my best friend whole in my family) and told him. Of coure he was mad cause hes protective and still liked to think of me as his kid sister but he got used to it. His wife even convinced him to pay for it as my birthday gift. 2 weeks before my 16th birthday i couldnt wait anymore. My mom agreed. We ran to find a parlor and get it done. I didnt realize i needed state id. The guy said well a year book would do. Thank god i look the same as when i was 12 XD i walked right in. Everyone was super sweet :) the guy lifted my shirt and marked my belly. He told me to relax and breath and shoved the needle threw. It barely hurt at all. He made sure i was calm and not panicing. It was awesome. Black jem :) i am so happy! It hasnt gotten infected and i got it in mid feburary. Its may first. This was the best thing ever and im considering a reverse naval. :)


15 October 2011 8:26:43 PM

Ok so the story is the day I got my navel pierced when really it was my bestie, her mums real layed back and stuff and let her get it done, she showed me at school the next day, it was so cool, it was pink and made her look really nice, I’m currently trying to convince my mum to let me get mine done (she still refuses) I’m getting my friend a ring for hers for christmas, that’s what I’m doing on this site.Also at school for some dumb reason about bieng happy with who you are the teachers are picked different sized people and got them to show of their bellies, the teachers almost screamed when they saw my friends piercing and all the gyes were hooting!!! Anyway any tips on convincing mum, I’m underage so I can’t just get it done:( luv ya all :)


14 September 2011 12:03:40 PM

My wife was a Girl Scout leader for over 10 years and over that time the girls in her troop became part of our family. Many times they would come to my wife and I with issues they felt they couldn’t share with their parents and in many ways it seemed like we had 10 daughters. One girl, Stephanie, was quite a handful. She was smart and funny but also had a wild streak. More than a few times she found herself in trouble, mainly as the result of harmless pranks but there was an incident or two where she stole from friends. Well this young lady was the product of a broken home. She lived with her mom who was pretty strict but spent time with her dad who was more lenient especially when it came to things that might annoy his ex-wife. Well when Stephanie was 13 she was going for a visit with her dad and she told my wife and I she was going to get her navel pierced while she was there. She also volunteered that her mom had expressly forbade her from piercing her navel but that her dad was going to sign the consent anyway. Well my wife and I spent almost an hour trying to talk her out of it. We talked about respect, honesty, honor, and maturity but Stephanie would have none of it. As a last resort, and without really thinking it through I told her if she waited until she was 18 I would also pierce mine and leave it in for a year. She immediately agreed and that was the end of the conversation. I admit I had some regrets as soon as I offered but I reasoned that she was almost 5 years away from turning 18 and that she would never remember or even expect I would really do it. For the next 4 years the subject was never brought up. In all honesty I totally forgot about the conversation until June of 2010. Stephanie was spending the night as a guest of my daughter and took the opportunity to tell me her birthday was coming up in December and that she couldn’t wait for us to get our navels pierced. I was floored. Even though I had forgotten about the promise as soon as she brought it up I remembered the whole conversation. I don’t remember exactly what I said but I think I mentioned something about 6 months and hoped she would forget again. She didn’t. Every time I saw her after that she would bring it up. I started to really worry that I had painted myself into a corner until a funny thing happened. Her birthday came and went and she never mentioned it. I really thought I had dodged a bullet. Fast forward to August of this year. My wife and I decided to celebrate our 20th anniversary in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We invited our daughter to join us and told her she could invite one friend. She choose Stephanie. At the end of the 8 hour trip to the beach and as we were making the last turn on the road where our beach house was located right there on the corner was a body piercing shop. I instantly knew I was in trouble and almost as quickly Stephanie saw the shop and insisted we could get our piercings while we were here. Well I put it off for the whole week for two reasons, I really didn’t want to do it and my daughter kept telling me I shouldn’t do it. Finally on the last night my daughter, Stephanie and I went to get her navel pierced. I honestly thought I was going to have to let Stephanie down but when we got there I happened to mention to the piercer that I was supposed to get mine pierced as well and she offered to give me the jewelry free if I let her do it. My daughter instantly changed her tune and insisted I had to do it. After giving it some thought I decided she was right. A promise is a promise. So I signed the forms and lay down on the table. The piercer, a nice girl named Mandy, added insult to injury by choosing a dangle ring so I am now the only 45 year old man I know with a pierced navel and a dangle ring. When this first happened I expected I would count the days until I could take it out but the response has been so positive I may just keep it in. :-)

Thomas Brodkin

25 June 2011 8:52:57 AM

I was sixteen when I decided to get my navel pierced. I found a tattoo and piercing place that was cheap, so I decided to go there. The day I went, I brought my friend with me. When we got to the parlor, the piercer had me pay for the piercing in advance and sign some papers. Then he took me back to the piercing room, leaving my two sisters and my friend out in the waiting room as they were not allowed back there with me. I asked him what happens during the procedure, but he didn’t answer me. I began to get worried because this guy did not seem very friendly. He had me pull my shirt up above my navel, and he began to pinch and massage the toughness out of the skin that was about to be pierced. This part hurt very badly, as he was squeezing my navel very hard. I suppose I am a bit squeamish, because I began to get dizzy from the pain. After I was feeling better, he marked two dots on my navel and had me check in a mirror to make sure they were lined up properly. After I confirmed the position of the piercing, the piercer cleaned my navel and had me sit back on the piercing table. I didn’t get to pick my piercing jewelry, I just got a plain, silver, curved barbell. As the piercer applied the clamps, I asked him if the clamps would hurt more than the piercing itself, and he just said, It depends. Then he unpackaged the needle and smeared it in some gel. As he brought the needle up to my stomach, I lifted my hands to stop it (on instinct), and I was sternly reprimanded and told not to do that. (Not a friendly guy at all). So I tucked my hands under my legs so that I wouldn’t be able to react like that again. He told me to take some deep breaths, and then he stabbed the needle (in from the top) through my navel. It hurt very, very badly, and I’m assuming it hurt so badly because he did not pierce it from the bottom, up (which I’ve heard hurts a lot less) and also because I have very little fat on my stomach. After it was over, I remained lying down for a minute or two to be sure that I wouldn’t pass out. When I left the piercing salon, my navel was only hurting a little bit, and after that it never hurt unless I bumped it on something. It has been almost a year (I got it done in October so that it would be healed by the summer) and I am still glad I got it. I’ve been able to find many cute navel rings for my piercing, and I enjoy showing them off when I go swimming :)


3 May 2011 4:37:14 PM

Im 19 and ive been wanting one done for a long time but my parents were pretty strict, so i got it done this year cos ive moved out to a flat this year for uni. The needle looked massive as the piercer took it out of the packaging i just decided not to look at all cos i thought if i saw that goddamn needle go into my skin id get really nervous. Good thing was that i was feeling a little slow from all the drinking previous couple nights and a hangover so my brain was probably a little desensitized at that time, preventing me from getting too worked up and nervous about it. It hurt when the needle went in, the procedure was very fast but i could feel the flesh tissues ripping (ugh). That was jsut a few days ago and my body is being very nice with the piercing, its not even red around it and doesnt hurt much either, im just hoping that id clean it a lot and properly and it wont get any infections til it heals. Looks really nice and im now just addicted to buying and collecting different designs of banana bars :D


18 April 2011 9:49:48 AM

I had wanted my belly periced since i was 8 i am now 13 my dad said to me on my 12 birthday he woulld take me to get my belly periced i couldnt wait till i was 12 but my dad died when i was 10 and since then i have been asking asking and asking my mum if i could get my belly periced and it took ages and my older sister always used to tease me cus she had her belly done and i didnt and my mum got sick of it and finally let me get it done she was going to let me get it done before christmas but she was just so busy that i couldnt get it done and for christmas i opened a present and there was a belly ring and a voutcher to get it done i screamed the house down i was so excited and on the day i went to get it done i took my best friend with me but she wsnt allowed in i picked out my gem (blue) the person dotted the place and asked me if it was straight as i stood infront of the mirror and got it down it didtn hurt even though i tensed so much cus i was so nervous when i got out i ripped the badage off and flashed my new pericing to everyone i the store i was so happy but i walked out of the shopping centre holding it so i wouldnt bump it :) it was so worth it i have had it done for 4 months now and i was really lucky mine healed in 2 weeks and i have only had 2 minor infections i am so happy and it gave me more confidence :)

Rachel :)

8 January 2011 1:06:59 PM

I got my belly button pierced about a month before I turned 15 and on a day a took of school ( my dads real great about that). I’d been wanting to get it done for ages, I’d even gone into a piercing place to get it done and then left cause i was scared. Well about a month after that I’d been looking at places on the internet to get it done and I found a place I liked, so I went and asked my dad and he was like okay lets go today. So we went to the piercing studio and the guy there told me the procedure and had me pick out a belly bar ( I choose a really nice aqua barbell). So I sat down in the chair and he said he was going to do my ears first ( I was getting my seconds done as well), so he did those and they hurt heaps. Next he marked my belly and he was really good so he made sure it was perfect and then put the clamp on and pierced it and honestly it hurt way less then my seconds. So now I have my belly done, I love it and I have already started my jewellery collection for it. :)


3 January 2011 10:34:15 AM

So i was dared by my rent to get my belly done. I always wanted one from when I was 12 I’m 16 now and I got it done when I was 15. I was so scared when I looked up everyone on YouTube getting it done and see people say only the clap hurts I felt good yo go and get it done I went to the shop to get it. As I was laying on the bed I saw a piercing gum : s I was freaking out iv never heard of someone get it done with a gun. I took a deep breath and it was over thank god it’s been a year now and I took my best friend to a different place to get it done it was all good until she got out from getting it done ( I wasn’t allowed to go in with her) it was bleeding she was crying the worst part was that she ending up in e Ambo coz she was about to faint


13 November 2010 11:48:32 PM

My friends and I were all so excited to get our belly pierced. As you do, we picked out the colours and she marked it all out. My friends were in the room for about 5-10 minutes max, but I was there for about 40 minutes. Let me tell you, if you have abs or a well-toned stomach like I do - I do ab workouts every night - then it is reeaaaallly tough and hurts like hell. She also pierced it a tiny bit crooked, and she didn’t even think the gun went in properly. Anyways it’s been 2 months now, and I’m loving it. It still hurts and occasionally gets a little pus. I’m a little worried but I think it’ll be okay.


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Does getting your belly pierced hurt?

Getting your belly button pierced doesn‘t hurt nearly as much as the anticipation of it does! It‘s like a pinch and it‘s rather quick ... before you know it your laughing both with releif and excitement that it‘s DONE! It‘s actually quite an exhilierating experience.

When I had my navel piercing done (about 12 years ago now) my piercer made a joke about calling an ambulance shortly after performing the piercing. My friend and I were just too busy laughing to even think about the pain!

The healing process can take quite a few weeks, but asside from a little tenderness for the first few days, assuming you keep your belly piercing clean and clear of infection, the new piercing doesn‘t cause too much discomfort at all. Follow your piercers guidelines for looking after your piercing and you‘ll be surprised just how quickly it heals and how painless the whole procedure is. It‘s definately best to wear loose fitting clothing during this healing time, anything that won‘t rub and distress your belly piercing is great.

If your about to get your belly button pierced, my advice, stop worrying about it and simply look forward to the event. MAKE SURE YOU USE A PROFESSIONAL PIERCER!! This is very important. There are risks associated with piercings, but these are very low if you use a trusted professional. Also, take care when selecting the jewellery you will use for your new navel piercing, make sure you select a surgical grade belly ring and listen to the advise offered by your piercer. Some designs cause less stress on a new piercing and are worthwhile using in the short term for the long term benefits of a successful piercing. Internally threaded belly rings are also good for new piercings to avoid bacterial build up so consider these if they are available.

The answer? NO! Getting your belly button pierced doesn‘t hurt nearly as much as people who havn‘t had it done anticipate!

Kathy Acker, in an interview, described her own experience with piercing: Ground yourself and do really deep breathing. And if you do it right, the kundalini will come. The energy will go right to the top of your brain and shoot out. And it did!

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