15 October 2010 10:01:57 PM

During Summer Holidays my two best firends and I came up with the idea of getting our belly buttons peirced together. Both of my friend’s parents said yes however mine didn’t they thought that I was two young and said it made people look like white trash. After a month of trying to convince my parents I decided to not push the issue further. The next day I went and held the hands of my two best friends as they got the belly button done. Watching them looking at other belly button rings to buy made me want one even more so I started to ask my parents again. 6 months of pestering and pleaing brought results...At the time my parents were in the process of splitting up and in a weak point they finaly agreed. My gradma had always wanted to take me to get in done, so the next day my sister, grandma and I went off the the tatto and peircing parlor. The guy there was really nice and told me what he was doing. I think the clamp hurt more than the peircing and it was very quick and easy. For my birthday (two months later) my parents suprised me with this georgious belly ring and the news of them getting back together.


13 September 2010 7:26:54 PM

It was back in 2007 close to my16th birthday.. I was asking my mum whether i should get it done or not but she said ’its up to you. if you want it done consider it your birthday present. so we went to the local tattoo and piercing studio a few days later. i was looking at the belly bars that were near the piercing room and found the one i liked, it was a bio flex bar with a light blue-grey stone. As soon as i was called into the room i dragged my mum along with me thinking ’oh god this is going to hurt’. but she helped me more that what she thought she could by distracting me then ’jab’. It was the worst pain i’ve ever felt but it was worth it for something so pretty :)


2 September 2010 7:58:42 AM

I had wanted a belly button ring for manys years but my husband at the time disliked them intensely, so I couldn’t get one. However the day after our divorce I went to the local tatoo parlour and got one. I’ve had it ever since (12yrs now). It was my divorce present to my self LOL! Cheers Charlotte


29 August 2010 9:26:21 PM

I had wanted to get my belly pierced for years, but by my mum’s rule I had to wait until I was 18. I booked the appointment for a few days after my birthday at my local Essential Beauty which is at my local shopping centre where I also work, to be done on my half hour lunch break. 1pm came around, and after taking a few minutes to prepare myself, I met my friends and headed over to get it done. The piercing was was over before I knew it, and barely hurt at all, which was lucky considering I had an afternoon at work to finish. My colleagues could hardly believe I had just got a piercing on my lunch break, and I took frequent toilet trips to admire my new piercing.


26 August 2010 4:39:00 PM

the 1st time i got my navel peirced was horrifying. i was 20 and i finally worked up the courage to get it done after years of fantisising. so i went into my local peircings place and all was going well untill the piercer stuck the needle in and couldnt get it through. at first he said it must be because my tummy was to taught. but after about 10 minutes of him pushing and pushing he and another guy who worked there finnally got it through. after 3 years it still had not healed. so i took it out. about 2 years after that i went and had it repeirced. i found out that every time he tried to push the needle through my skin he created a jagged edge since having it repierced i love it and have had no problems watso ever

belly beebe 32

25 August 2010 5:15:54 PM

there’s 4 weeks of school left, so me and my friend had said to each other lets get bellys pierced so that way we can swim on the holidays as we’re at boarding school. so we thought out plan was bullet pproof when the dorm mistress said that we were doing a trip to the city. we were so excited, but by wednesday the teacher said it was cancelled. we were so keen to get it done so we asked one of the dorm staff to take us for a day trip to the city, she agreed. we got to the piercing place and my friend went before me, she came out and said it hurt a little. i got really nervous, soon enough i was laying on the bed and the girl was cleaning my belly. then i felt the clamp and she walked away i thought to myself what is she doing she turned around and said are you feeling alright i said i was really nervous about the piercing and she looked at me and laughed and said its done darl. i felt like an idiot because i layed there for about 2 minutes.


22 August 2010 10:17:05 PM

was one of the randomest of my teenage life. It’s kind of a right of passage in my family to get your navel pierced in highschool ( both my older sisters, my cousins,ect all have them done), however my Dad is vey old school when it comes to parenting and told all three daughters strictly no body piercings but you know, that’s just asking for trouble anyway on the day... It was bucketing down rain and I had a half day at school, seeing that I had the perfect chance to do some secret shopping,I took the bus into town and ran through the freezing cold rain in my white school shirt...lovely right? feeling about as graceful as a drowned rat, I decided I needed a pick me up, then I walked past this cute little hair and beauty boutique and figured it must be fate. since I’m under 18 they needed an parents approval YAY! mum has the day off work *calls home* me - hey mum can you I get my bel- dad - It’s Dad me *thinks - OMG CRAP* where’s mum? dad - she’s busy me - it’ll take a sec- dad - she’s trying to get the car going me - well go get her dad - what do you want? me - .... it’s errr... girl time issues ? *thinks - how the hell is he going to believe that* dad - ew GOD -- *mumbles in background* mum - what’s going on? are you ok? me - finally I’m getting my navel pierced can you tell the piercer it’s all ok? mum - ohh. yeah it’s cool. me - yay :3 thanks *end of convo* it’s been three monthes and counting and my dad still doesn’t know, what’s worse is that my 26 year sister is worried if he ever found out she has her’s done... and she’s married :\


16 August 2010 5:52:20 PM

so, i went to shop with my best friend and dad. we chose out the bar and i was freaking out so much i went in and she was calming me down and getting ready when she pierced it i squeaked, after it was done she told me that i had put the numbing cream in the wrong spot and that it made no difference, i was so happy cause it looked so cute


15 August 2010 4:10:53 PM

it was my 16th birthday and my 18 year old cousin didnt know what to get me so she took me to get my belly button pierced. so it was all well and good and i went and got it done and the girl before me had to get her belly clamped because she was too skinny and toned and she was crying so i went in scared and anyway the guy did it and after i was sitting in the car and my cousin was driving me home and i said you know if i tell my parents theyll kill us and she looked at me and she looked so scared and she called me every name under the sun, anyway we managaed to keep in a secret until about two weeks after i had it done and dad only found out because i was stupid enough to tell my brothers girlfriend at the time who told my brother and my brother told my dad


12 August 2010 5:08:16 PM

We were on holidays in 2008 in Queensland on the Gold Coast. I wanted my belly button pierced desperately but the ’rents’ were a bit cagey over it. In a moment of solidarity - mum took my side and said you are only young once and she said she’d take me for my birthday. We went to a piercing shop in Surfer’s Paradise where I was in my total element! I had a lovely girl talk to mum and I about it all and then she took me into the room and mum came to watch. It was no big deal - a small quick prickle of pain and then I had my bling in my button! I love my belly button piercing and everytime I look at it I remember my 16th birthday and while others where getting theirs done on schoolies... I got to share my special moment with mum xoxo


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Does getting your belly pierced hurt?

Getting your belly button pierced doesn‘t hurt nearly as much as the anticipation of it does! It‘s like a pinch and it‘s rather quick ... before you know it your laughing both with releif and excitement that it‘s DONE! It‘s actually quite an exhilierating experience.

When I had my navel piercing done (about 12 years ago now) my piercer made a joke about calling an ambulance shortly after performing the piercing. My friend and I were just too busy laughing to even think about the pain!

The healing process can take quite a few weeks, but asside from a little tenderness for the first few days, assuming you keep your belly piercing clean and clear of infection, the new piercing doesn‘t cause too much discomfort at all. Follow your piercers guidelines for looking after your piercing and you‘ll be surprised just how quickly it heals and how painless the whole procedure is. It‘s definately best to wear loose fitting clothing during this healing time, anything that won‘t rub and distress your belly piercing is great.

If your about to get your belly button pierced, my advice, stop worrying about it and simply look forward to the event. MAKE SURE YOU USE A PROFESSIONAL PIERCER!! This is very important. There are risks associated with piercings, but these are very low if you use a trusted professional. Also, take care when selecting the jewellery you will use for your new navel piercing, make sure you select a surgical grade belly ring and listen to the advise offered by your piercer. Some designs cause less stress on a new piercing and are worthwhile using in the short term for the long term benefits of a successful piercing. Internally threaded belly rings are also good for new piercings to avoid bacterial build up so consider these if they are available.

The answer? NO! Getting your belly button pierced doesn‘t hurt nearly as much as people who havn‘t had it done anticipate!

Kathy Acker, in an interview, described her own experience with piercing: Ground yourself and do really deep breathing. And if you do it right, the kundalini will come. The energy will go right to the top of your brain and shoot out. And it did!

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“I got my navel pierced for my birthday last year and, as I am sure many of you know, these things heal relatively slowly, with fits and starts of irritation. I was using the original piercing jewelry (stainless steel barbell) but, of course, it would get caught on something every now and then and there would be another bout of irritation, Plus, stainless just isn't the same as gold or silver for me. I found Tummy Toys online and found the sleeper belly ring - silver and meant for comfort - and figured that I had to try it. Well, I order it and some other jewelry. I live in the U.S. and I was given a deliver by date of 10/9. The jewelry arrived about September 5th, which was great. But the silver sleeper belly ring is really the star. It is comfortable and doesn't get caught on clothing. The metal does not irritate my piercing. I am so happy! If you have trouble with irritating metal or jewelry that gets caught on clothing, Tummy Toys is a must buy!“

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