Lucky Charm Shamrock Navel Ring

Lucky Charm Shamrock Navel Ring

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Four Leaf Clover Belly Dangle

A lucky charm dangling navel ring that features the four leaf clover which is also known as a Shamrock. Available in 3 different colours, pink, white or green. The shamrock charm measures 18mm in width and 20mm in height and is a layered multi faced coin charm - two thin charms that dangle freely from each other. The charm at the back is the solid colour in a shiny enamel, and the charm at the front has hollow leaves (to show the background colour) and a tiny 2mm matching diamontie is positioned in the centre to finish the setting.

The ball at the base of the belly bar is an 8mm cubic zirconia gem and the ball at the top is a 5mm surgical steel. You can also optionally change this to a matching 6mm cubic zirconia gem in the purchase options. The multi faced coins give this navel ring a very effective 3D appeal.

Belly Ring Details

  • Standard 14 Gauge 3/8" (10mm) Navel Ring
  • High Quality 316L Surgical Steel
  • 2 X Cubic Zirconia Gems
  • Shamrock charm measures: 20mm high, 18mm wide
  • Full length of body jewellery including the belly bar is: 48mm

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