Navel Jewellery. Black Flex Maternity Belly Ring - Aqua Blue Cubic Zirconia Gem

Black Flex Maternity Belly Ring

$17.05 inc GST

A fantastic item for the expecting mum wanting to take care of her belly piercing during pregnancy!!!

Tummy Toys sell both black & clear stylish flex maternity belly rings. Made out of a transparent safe plastic material with similar properties to PTFE, with the added advantage of coming in adapted shapes for comfort during your pregnancy.

Not pregnant? These rings are also great for casual and ultra comfort beauty.

The flex belly ring is flexible and starts out as 19mm long. You can cut them to a size that suits you with a regular pair of scissors and screw the top ball right back on since they are self threading. Plenty of room for baby to grow without irritating your belly piercing. For casual wear, cut them to a size that fits you best.

After you have your baby you can resize your ring and CONTINUE to enjoy wearing it. It will always hold a special place in your jewellery box, knowing that you wore the symbolic belly button ring while pregnant.

Casual Wear/Pregnancy Belly Rings

  • Aqua Blue Cubic Zirconia Gem
  • Made using high medical grade materials
  • Standard 14 Guage 3/4" (19mm)
  • Diameter of bottom stone: 8mm
  • This material is totally flexible which makes it very comfortable during pregnancy
  • Nickle free, so you will have no allergic reactions
Brand: Authentic TummyToys® Size Chart: Belly Ring Size Guide

Lifetime Guarantee: The full TummyToys® range of belly rings come with an unbeatable LIFETIME guarantee. Invest in your belly jewellery with confidence.

Cleaning Your TummyToys® Navel Rings

Our products have a lifetime guarantee. They will not age, flake or peel and are comprised of high quality jewellery materials. Caring for your TummyToys body jewellery helps eliminate the chances of infection and keeps your jewellery looking shiny and new.

All body jewelry will collect body oils and other small particles. Clean your body jewelry in jewellery cleaner and scrub gently with a small brush in the indented areas where grime could build up. We recommend using a silver cleaning cloth or Connoisseurs products on a weekly basis for ultimate shine.

TummyToys® belly rings are made from precious materials like gold and 925 solid silver, which means they will tarnish over time - however they are easy to clean (unlike cheap belly jewellery). Shining your navel jewellery with a Goddard's Polishing Cloth will remove the tarnish, restore the original shine and assist with protecting the silver.

Watch the video below for instructions from Melissa, the TummyToys® jewellery designer on how to clean your TummyToys® clasps so they last forever.

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Tanya, Bulleen VIC Australia

I received my belly ring yesterday and so far haven‘t had any issues. I purchased a similar product off ebay and not long after I put it on, I became infected. As I am pregnant I found this worrying. Now that I have purchased one of your products I won‘t bother to purchase anywhere else because I know that I am not going to have an allergic reaction. Its also very comfortable as the flexible rod is quite thin.

Collect Interchangeable Swingers

TummyToys® "swingers" are charms with a jump-ring that slide right over your sleeper clasp. This allows you to add a charm without taking your body jewellery out. They are fun to collect and easy to use. The swinger charms are compatible with our Classic TummyToys® sleeper belly rings.

Watch the video below to see how they work.


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