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Goddard's Silver Polish Cloth

Goddard's Silver Polish Cloth

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30cm X 44cm Single Pack Long Term Polishing Cloth

Goddards Long Term Silver Polish Cloth is a soft cotton cloth, that has been impregnated with long term silver polish ingredients that work to easily remove tarnish and delay retarninishing.

It is a very convenient way to clean and polish silver jewellery which has tarnished from storage or from constant use.

Use the Goddards Silver Polishing Cloth to keep your solid silver belly button rings looking shiny and new.

Just rub your silver jewellery with the cloth to restore lusture and inhibit re tarnishing.

The size of the cloth is 30cm X 44cm

Body Jewellery Details

    • Jewellery Material:
    • Style: Other
    • Navel Piercing Gauge: Standard 14g
    • Bar Length: n/a

Ian, Gulf Harbour AUCKLAND New Zealand

Thanks much for the prompt action to my order; it arrived in the morning mail. Used to be easy to buy in supermarkets here but no longer available. I will remember your address for me and friends.... Ian, Gulf Harbour AUCKLAND New Zealand.

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