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Girls tell their piercing stories

9 November 2016 11:40:52 PM

My want for a piercing began shortly after my first tattoo, nineteen years ago. To be honest, at the time I was not aware that very few men pierce their navels. No matter. After all these years I still remember the rush of the needle penetrating me, and the accompanying feeling of invincibility. I have always wanted more piercings since that then, but for various reasons (none of them fear), I haven’t followed through. I love my piercing, and I intend to never allow it to close. I enjoy wearing surgical steel spikes, but I usually favor balls in gold or - more often - basic black. More guys should do it!


18 September 2015 5:35:25 AM

My want for a belly piercing started last year when I was 12 and one of my friends got one. I told my mum about it and agreed that I could get it done for my 13 birthday but when my birthday came around I lost my want for one or you could say I wimped out. 2015 came and I told myself I’m getting it done regardless. The first school holiday came (March holidays I think) and every time I asked to get it done, we already had a trolley or something that was awkward so I waited for the next holiday but only to be told ’you can wait for your birthday.’ My birthday finally came around and I got it done. I barely hurt at all and after I had it done I forgot I had it because I could feel it. It’s been a week and I love it! 😜


1 March 2015 9:19:05 AM

I was pretty young and on a family vacation. I always wanted to get my belly button pierced. It was around my birthday and even though my Mom was not on board my Dad took me. The guy had so many tattoos and piercings. He was nice but scary looking and we had to go to a tattoo shop to get this done. I didn’t realize until after getting it done that the way he did it was not how it usually gets done with instruments and a clamp. I laid down and didn’t really watch but it did not hurt. He did it free-style, and by hand. No tools but a needle and the belly button ring. I had it in for 5 years. It did not get changed until my best friend cut it off with wire clippers and the top hit her right on the chin haha. Love it still, it’s been 7 years and I had a baby 2 years ago. I did not leave any rings in when I had a belly. But the holes never closed up.


31 January 2015 7:57:02 AM

A friend and I were shopping and she pointed at a store and said that’s where I got my belly button pierced! Apparently she’d taken it out one night and it closed over straight away. Within 20 minutes of us having this conversation, we’d booked appointments and had our belly buttons pierced. This was mid August 2014. Hers closed over a few months later when it fell out at the gym. Mine will NEVER close over!!


28 January 2015 6:46:57 PM

I got my navel piercing done when I was a senior in high school. A few friends of mine went to a tattoo and piercing place so they recommended me to the guy who pierced me. He was super nice and really professional and clean. The needle hurt the worst for me. Being only 95 lbs I’m not sure that helped my case but it healed great!


22 January 2015 3:52:29 PM

I was 18 and drinking at Country fest 2014 and made my way to the tattoo and piercing tent. I spent the rest of the night showing it off at the karaoke tent and yellow bar.


21 January 2015 7:01:58 AM

Lol. Well my first one I had done, a friend was the clamp and the other person pushed it threw. Looked great. This was about 5 years ago on the 4th of July. It went great! I went to go to the bathroom and all of a sudden I heard the ball hit the floor (ugh) and the piercing fell out....so I cleaned it off and tried to put it back in and no luck lol. So I waited until it healed and got it professionally done.


21 January 2015 7:00:16 AM

I got mine in December when I turned 18 (not that long ago) but I love it! If anyone is thinking about it I would definitely go do it. It’s not as bad as you think I didn’t even feel the needle go in!


21 January 2015 6:58:59 AM

My mom took me for my 15th birthday. I loved it but took me a while to get used to, every time I stood up too quickly at school, the belly ring would catch on the desks.


21 January 2015 6:56:55 AM

My ex boyfriend did it for me at my friends house, I love pain so much so it felt good. I still have it.