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Your Piercing and Metal Allergies

We have been hearing horrendous stories about body jewellery shops giving misleading information about their products and the nickel content. This is pure neglect for the sake of making a couple of quick bucks and it's unfortunate that the customer is the one who suffers, both in loosing money on jewellery they can't wear and also having to suffer another reaction and spend time healing (or worse - loose their piercing).

I have a nickel allergy and have experienced this problem with my navel piercing first hand. I know it isn't pleasant (or attractive) and if you're reading this article, then you probably do too. I have published this blog so that you can be accurately informed about metal allergies and find appropriate navel jewellery for your skin type.

Do you have a metal allergy?

If belly piercings make your belly button itchy and/or break out in a rash, you may have a nickel allergy. Metal allergies are very common, largely because nickel is a material used in many every day products, not just jewellery. To name a few - watches, zippers, buttons, coins, and sunglasses frames.

Symptoms include itching, dry patches, red skin, swelling, welting and sometimes blistering. Typically the rash occurs at the point of contact.


If you suspect you have a nickel allergy it is important to see your doctor. A doctor can determine if it is an allergy or an infection. Either of which will need appropriate care and consideration in order for you to obtain a healthy happy belly piercing. Both are easily treated, but if you have a nickel allergy, you need to avoid wearing nickel on or near your piercing as the allergy will inevitably flare up again within days, potentially within hours.

A dermatologist can also perform a skin patch test to confirm the type of metals you are allergic to and your sensitivity levels.

Unfortunately once a nickel allergy is present, it will most likely be with you for the rest of your life.

Take Caution When Buying Surgical Steel Jewellery

Surgical stainless steel is suitable for nickel allergies HOWEVER be aware, most fashion belly rings on the market (the dangling belly rings and the fixed fancies you find for less than $15) are comprised with non-surgical grade materials. This means that while the surgical steel shaft is fine to wear, the charm or dangly part is NOT and you will begin to suffer an allergy within a short timeframe of wearing these materials.

If surgical steel is your chosen material, stick with basic surgical steel belly rings and avoid costume/fashion jewellery.

Want something fancier without the allergy?

You can also opt for 14K, 18K or 24K solid yellow gold - however you can not wear "plated" jewellery as this will eventually peel and fade away once again exposing your skin to the metal that you're allergic to. Take care when buying white gold belly rings to find out if the white alloy used is palladium or nickel. All of our white gold belly rings are NICKEL FREE, unfortunately many on the market contain nickel and can pose a problem for those with allergies. Other safe nickel free belly ring materials include pure sterling silver, platinum and solid titanium. Some also find that the all acrylic (PTFE) belly rings are suitable, however these have a shorter lifespan than quality materials.

Where to Find Safe Belly Piercings for Skin Allergies

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