How does it work?

The rounded (standard size) 14 gauge post slides through the piercing, closing securely with an audible snap. No more fiddly (or lost) balls to deal with. TummyToys® have been designed to eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with screw-in belly button rings and reduce the chances of snagging. TummyToys® belly rings are 'real jewellery' made out of the highest quality, nickel-free metals including solid 925 silver, surgical steel and solid 14K gold.

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How do swingers work?

Swingers (above) are sexy solid silver charms that have a jump ring for easy, secure attachment to the sleeper clasp (above left). With the flick of your finger you can open your clasp and add or change a swinger - easy to change daily and lots of fun to mix and match with to create new and unique looks every time. The best thing about swingers is that if you suddenly find yourself doing sports or an activity where dangly belly rings are inappropriate, you can simply remove your swinger without having to remove your belly ring.

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Fixed Charm Dangles

All of the other TummyToys (eg. sliding gallery above) have beautiful charms and pendants permanently attached to them. They vary from sparkly CZ's to natural gemstones to glittering REAL diamonds (above). The full pieces (clasp and charms) are all made from quality metals and precious gems. They are the only belly ring on the market that has a lifetime guarantee. Unlike the cheaper costume jewellery, TummyToys® dangling belly rings are 100% water resistant and suitable for year round wear. With TummyToys® you can avoid wasting your money on broken, tacky and ageing belly rings.