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TummyToys® Long CZ Paved Pear Drop

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Solid .925 Silver Belly Button Ring

You are viewing a beautiful solid silver extra long cubic zirconia paved drop featuring a sensationally paved pear shaped charm at the bottom. Full length of the drop (not including the clasp itself) is 40mm, full length of navel ring is 54mm. The featured pear at the bottom measures 12mm high by 10mm wide. The chain is comprised of 5 small CZ gems with a oval shaped charm at the top which has been paved with 5 more CZ gems. The entire peice sparkles from top to bottom.

No other body jewellery offers the convenience, security of attachment and beauty of real body jewellery like TummyToys.

TummyToys® Navel Rings

  • Jewellery Material: Stamped. Solid 925 Sterling Silver. Nickel FREE jewellery - no cheap plating!
  • Style: TummyToys® Self-locking Clasp / Sleeper
  • Gauge: Standard 14 gauge (1.6mm)
  • Clasp Size: Standard 7/16 inch long (12mm)
  • Full Length of Jewellery: 54mm (5.4cm)
  • Length of charm: 40mm (4cm)
  • No more balls to fiddle with and lose. One snap and you're done.
  • Easily removable in about a second.
  • Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!
  • Authentic TummyToys®
  • All TummyToys® Navel Rings Are Patented Exclusive Designs

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