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Helene Holtsbaum - Owner TummyToys Australia

Helene Holtsbaum and Sarah Roth Hi fellow beauties, I'm the owner of TummyToys Australia, that's me on the left, and on my right is Sarah Roth, one of my business partners and accomplice's of fun (see below). I had my belly pierced way back in the 90's before it was barely even fashionable and I've been wearing belly rings ever since! I'm approaching my forties and my love affair with with belly rings has spanned 20+ years. My belly has been pierced and then re-pierced TWICE because back when I had babies there were no pregnancy belly rings and the hole partially closed up BOTH times. I've watched the industry grow from 'way back' when we used to wear butterflies and dragon flies in our piercings because that was pretty much all you could find. I watched as it began to evolve into big name brands like TummyToys® and a mammoth amount of fashionable belly ring ideas poured out as the industry became more and more popular.

I started TummyToys Australia in 2008, married with two kids, a background in web site development and a passion in piercings I fell into my nook with absolute glee. TummyToys was Australia's very first online belly ring shop. My husband Ben Holtsbaum has been incredibly supportive throughout the TummyToys journey, which like all businesses has had its ups and downs, highs and lows. TummyToys (nor my sanity) could not be where it is now without his dedicated help, back adjustments, computer posture lectures and all of his COFFEE (sometimes served at 3am)!!! Much love and appreciation. ❤❤

Melissa Tyler - Owner TummyToys US and TummyToys® Jewellery Designer

Melissa Tyler - Belly Ring DesignerMelissa Tyler is the exceptionally clever TummyToys® jewellery designer and a qualified gemologist. Melissa is the name behind the exotic line of snap lock belly jewellery that includes solid gold, pearls, natural gems and real diamonds. Before Melissa's revolutionary idea of snap lock belly rings, all that you could find in the market were bananabell belly rings and captive bead belly rings, both with annoying balls! Melissa had her belly pierced and was all too familiar with the struggle of the ball. After qualifying as a gemologist she got to work on creating the worlds first snap lock belly button rings. The high quality craftsmanship that goes into her work is evident in every piece, with a lifetime guarantee on all of her items. That's how confident she is that her jewellery will last!! No plating, water suitable, high quality belly jewellery with innovative snap lock technology. It really is as exciting as it sounds.

Sarah Roth - Australian Saltwater Silver Jewellery Designer

Sarah Roth, Coolangatta Belly Ring DesignerBased in Coolangatta, Sarah Roth (pictured above) is our local jeweller who brings to you a unique beach inspired range of belly rings made only from high quality 925 silver and all natural gemstones. Walking the beaches of Cooly (South of Surfers Paradise and north from Byron Bay Australia), I was incredibly lucky to stumble upon the works of Sarah and was totally blown away by her style (and bubbly personality!). Sarah had the most unique collection of necklaces, bangles and rings I had ever seen and so I proposed an idea!

From there two women with a crazy passion for belly rings (one new found!) set about creating a brand new line of Handmade Coastal Belly Rings. And it's been nothing short of fun! Sarah's work is done with love and passion and this shows in every single one of her uniquely crafted pieces of body jewellery. Her store front (pictured left) is located in The Strand at Coolangatta, you can view her work on both Instagram and facebook. Sarah continues to work on Saltwater Silver designs for TummyToys and we love being able to embrace the tradition of fine handmade jewellery for our shoppers enjoyment.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.
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Maddie - Shop Assistant & Order Dispatch

The beautiful Maddie has been working with our team now for over 2 years and has proven to be the fastest, smartest and dare we say wittiest employee who has entertained us in our store. Full of upbeat joy, Maddie packs all of our orders and handles many of our online help desk queries every day after school. We are pleased to be able to support the local community by providing safe employment opportunities for the younger generation and are blessed to have found someone as reliable, trustworthy and helpful as Maddie. ❤❤

Tracey & The Girls on Reception

Where would we be without our voices? Thank you girls! We are staffed Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm AEST (excluding public holidays). Call us anytime and one of our lovely girls on reception will be happy to help.

Amelia Holtsbaum - Belly Ring Taste Tester

X-Ray of a Belly Ring in the Belly - Not the Traditional WayYes, seriously, well kind of. A few years into running TummyToys when my daughter was almost 3 years old, I had a momentary lapse in good parental judgement. A belly ring had broken, and in my hands was this cute little butterfly charm that I thought my daughter might enjoy looking at. Sparkly cute animal jewellery, who could resist! Unfortunately my son (5 years old) decided he wanted what she had (of course!) and she panicked. Into her mouth went the butterfly charm and as he tackled her down I heard the sound of her swallowing, loudly. Unmistakably. OH NO!!! I freaked, but she was still breathing and amazingly it had cleared right past her wind pipe. I called one of those emergency all hour kids helpline numbers. Confirming she was breathing, they asked her to eat something which she did without pain and they said she was fine, to take her for an x-ray in the morning so that the belly ring could be located and doctors could make sure it was progressing down her intestines and eventually out the other end!

Amelia did not cry a tear, she was happy that the charm was safe and sound from her brother!!! The next morning when she had the x-ray was the highlight!! I've seen a lot of belly ring photos but nothing like this! Jokes flew around the surgery, like "Someones got butterflies in her tummy", and "You know, that's not the traditional way to wear belly rings?"- the doctors and nurses thought it was hilarious. To make things even more interesting, my husband and I were going away in the next few days on a pre-planned holiday and my Mother In Law was minding the kids. We had to ask her to fish around in Amelia's dirty nappies until the belly ring charm was located so that we could confirm it had passed. Of all the timing. Bahahahahaha ... And yes, it was eventually found, thanks to Ma JenJen. Don't worry, we didn't resell that one. ^_− ☆ ❤❤. Amelia is now 9, she doesn't eat belly rings anymore, but she loves looking at them!

And when you buy belly rings from us, you'll notice on the packaging it says "KEEP JEWELLERY OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN". Yes, this warning comes from personal experience.

Rose gold belly ring with sapphire diamondsDiscover the buzz about the TummyToys® branded belly button rings. Quality, innovative snap lock belly button clasps that were designed and patented by Melissa Tyler. Tummy Toys® is your essential quality navel fashion that thousands of girls are going crazy about worldwide, simply because they are high quality, comfortable, sexy, easy to wear, nickel free and made using the REAL stuff including precious metals, diamonds and pearls!

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