How do I change my belly ring

It is best NOT to change your belly button ring until it is completely healed.

To avoid infection don‘t change a new piercing until it is ready. While it‘s tempting to replace it with a new navel ring, it is important to the long-term health of your belly piercing that you allow it to repair before changing belly rings.

  • Healing takes approximately 3-12 months, depending on how well you care for it!

First change - return to your professional piercer.

Initially, you should return to your professional piercers and ask them to remove the ring that was used for your peircing, they will be able to replace it with your new belly button ring.

Changing it yourself is easy...

After the first change, assuming there is no infection or soreness, you should be able to change your belly button ring whenever you like - a belly ring for every outfit or to suit your mood.

  • Before inserting your ring, wash your hands, your navel, and your piercing with anti-bacterial soap.
  • Sanitise the ring you will be wearing. Do not boil your belly ring and avoid cleaning acrylic belly rings or gems with alcohol as this can spoil the jewellery.
  • Barbells: Unscrew the ball that is located at either the top or bottom of the belly ring - this depends on the design (reverse belly rings unscrew from the bottom).
    TummyToys: Open the clasp - watch the video tutorial. The clasp opens from the top end (opposite to the 925 or 14k hallmark stamp).
  • Insert the belly ring into your piercing starting from the bottom of the belly button (top for reverse style) pushing the barbell up and out of the top hole.
  • For barbells screw the ball back on, or close the TummyToys clasp for an audible snap. Then wash the piercing once again.

I can‘t take my belly ring out! Help???

If you are unable to remove your belly ring, avoid placing strain on the piercing as this may cause infection. If taking a warm shower to soak your jewellery and piercing doesn‘t help, it‘s best to return to your piercer for assistance. Some captive belly rings can be hard to remove without special tools.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for your convenience only, Tummy Toys assumes no responsibility for infections or complications caused by changing your own belly ring. Please ensure you use good hygiene at all times when handling your navel piercing and contact your doctor or professional piercer immediately if problems arise.