Do men wear belly rings?

Yes! Boys also wear navel jewellery. It is a common misconception that navel piercing is for women. Many males who get their navel pierced opt for the dual piercing (two piercings at the top of the navel) or a piercing that includes the lower part of the belly button. Alot of male navel piercings are also done the traditional way, with a well placed masculine belly ring that looks VERY sexy!

No, this isn‘t a fad enjoyed by gay men only!! Quite the opposite, heavily tattooed boys, punks and men of all kinds wear navel rings.

Infact, in the early 90‘s, before it became very popular for women to sport belly rings, it was actually a piercing favoured by males and teenage boys.

Tummy Toys have a large range of belly rings suitable for male belly piercings in our store.



TRUE STORY from one of our Male Customers

Published 20th March 2013

My wife had her navel pierced 15 years ago, and I have always found it very attractive. Recently I got quite envious of my wife's stunning look, with her large collection of belly rings and decided to try on a gold sleeper one evening and see her reaction. She was taken a back at first, and then smiled and said that it looked really really sexy. She also then expressed her reservations, thinking that I might be gay. I reassured her that this was definitely not the case, and that why shouldn't straight men be allowed to wear body jewellery as well? Millions of straight men wear earrings, and they do not have people quizzing them about their sexuality.

So with that hurdle overcome, I went and had the piercing done at a salon in the mall, using the double CZ gem belly bar (internal threading). The procedure was professionally done, quick and painless. The result instantly spectacular and it looks so cool and more importantly, my wife finds my piercing very sexy indeed.

It is great that my wife and I share matching piercings, and we compliment each others belly rings; with my masculine looking belly bars and my wife's sexy long dangling belly bars.

This is something private and intimate between the two of us, and it is very erotic. At work, suggest wearing a clear retainer to keep discrete, and in the evenings and weekends, have the freedom to wear a variety of belly rings, from the sporting beach balls to gold belly bars. It just depends on your personality, the mood and the occasion.

So gentlemen, if you have been thinking about having your navel pierced, I would highly recommend it. Just talk it through with your partner first and let them get used to the idea, and reassure them of any fears they may have. Perhaps try on a few bellybars (using surgical tape) at home to see how it looks and feels for the both of you, before having the piercing. And ladies, if you are looking at spicing up your man's looks, have a chat to them, and suggest that they try on a few of your belly bars. If it works for you both, go to the next step of taking your man for a piercing and making the experience a very special occasion.

From Steve

TRUE STORY from one of our Male Customers

Published 14th September 2011

My wife was a Girl Scout leader for over 10 years and over that time the girls in her troop became part of our family. Many times they would come to my wife and I with issues they felt they couldn't share with their parents and in many ways it seemed like we had 10 daughters. One girl, Stephanie, was quite a handful. She was smart and funny but also had a wild streak. More than a few times she found herself in trouble, mainly as the result of harmless pranks but there was an incident or two where she stole from friends. Well this young lady was the product of a broken home. She lived with her mom who was pretty strict but spent time with her dad who was more lenient especially when it came to things that might annoy his ex-wife. Well when Stephanie was 13 she was going for a visit with her dad and she told my wife and I she was going to get her navel pierced while she was there. She also volunteered that her mom had expressly forbade her from piercing her navel but that her dad was going to sign the consent anyway. Well my wife and I spent almost an hour trying to talk her out of it. We talked about respect, honesty, honor, and maturity but Stephanie would have none of it. As a last resort, and without really thinking it through I told her if she waited until she was 18 I would also pierce mine and leave it in for a year. She immediately agreed and that was the end of the conversation. I admit I had some regrets as soon as I offered but I reasoned that she was almost 5 years away from turning 18 and that she would never remember or even expect I would really do it.

For the next 4 years the subject was never brought up. In all honesty I totally forgot about the conversation until June of 2010. Stephanie was spending the night as a guest of my daughter and took the opportunity to tell me her birthday was coming up in December and that she couldn't wait for us to get our navels pierced. I was floored. Even though I had forgotten about the promise as soon as she brought it up I remembered the whole conversation. I don't remember exactly what I said but I think I mentioned something about 6 months and hoped she would forget again. She didn't. Every time I saw her after that she would bring it up. I started to really worry that I had painted myself into a corner until a funny thing happened. Her birthday came and went and she never mentioned it. I really thought I had dodged a bullet. Fast forward to August of this year. My wife and I decided to celebrate our 20th anniversary in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We invited our daughter to join us and told her she could invite one friend. She choose Stephanie. At the end of the 8 hour trip to the beach and as we were making the last turn on the road where our beach house was located right there on the corner was a body piercing shop. I instantly knew I was in trouble and almost as quickly Stephanie saw the shop and insisted we could get our piercings while we were here. Well I put it off for the whole week for two reasons, I really didn't want to do it and my daughter kept telling me I shouldn't do it. Finally on the last night my daughter, Stephanie and I went to get her navel pierced. I honestly thought I was going to have to let Stephanie down but when we got there I happened to mention to the piercer that I was supposed to get mine pierced as well and she offered to give me the jewelry free if I let her do it. My daughter instantly changed her tune and insisted I had to do it. After giving it some thought I decided she was right. A promise is a promise. So I signed the forms and lay down on the table. The piercer, a nice girl named Mandy, added insult to injury by choosing a dangle ring so I am now the only 45 year old man I know with a pierced navel and a dangle ring.

When this first happened I expected I would count the days until I could take it out but the response has been so positive I may just keep it in. :-)

Thomas Brodkin

Male Navel Piercing

Below is a video of a male having his belly button pierced.