20 January 2015 1:27:37 PM

O.k here’s my story.......My friend took me to get my belly pierced, as hers was already done and we went in chose a ring and went into the piercing room. I layed down on the table and just as fast got up and walked out.....to scared. So about a week later I decided to give it a try again, because I really wanted to wear jewelry in my belly........well I did it and could NOT believe that I made a fool out of myself by walking out the first time, didn’t hurt one bit, I was scared for nothing. I still love my belly jewelry. I have soooooooooooooooo many belly blings :)


3 October 2014 4:53:08 AM

I always wanted my navel pierced for years so when I turned 18 several months after so about August 31 st I got my top pierced there wasn’t any pain and I didn’t sequel I have a very high tolerance level so the pain was nothing, so continuing I got my bottom navel pierced on Tuesday and that didn’t hurt either I’m a 18 year old boy so I’m not gay far from it but I also have my nose pierced too didn’t hurt but my navel looks sexy I gym a lot so I can easily spot a navel piercing I had a green bar for healing progress now I switched it for a black bar looks really sexy :* hehe I would recommend any 1 to get a navel piercing except fat people it wouldn’t look good :)


TummyToys Comment... We loved your story, however we share a different opinion about 'fat people'. We think woman of all shapes, sizes and ages should celebrate their body with added bling.

17 June 2014 4:45:24 AM

Did my piercing 2 months ago . Tried a lot of rings and t made allergy for me . Bought Tummy Toys and my body didnt have reaction ,looks very nice and easy to wear and take off . Thanks for the excellent product


28 March 2014 5:16:34 PM

Ever since i was in 7th grade I’ve wanted my belly pierced. My mum hates piercings because we come from a religious family who disagrees with piercings. I remember the first time i asked her if i could have it done she straight away said no (which I can understand because I was only 12) Ever since then, Ive been asking her every couple of months (I’m now 15, almost 16) but she still keeps saying no and it ends up in an argument. I’ve tried everything, and i still can’t convince her. I have done a lot of research on the piercing and ways to convince your parents. Ive even said that i would hide it from our relatives and i wouldn’t tell them or wear a bikini in front of them. But still, she says no :( Where i live you have to be 16 to get a piercing without parent consent, and I’ve been thinking that i should just wait a few weeks until i turn 16 and just get it done and not tell her? Ive been asking for almost 4 years now and i know I’m responsible enough. But i don’t really want to lie to my mum. Im going to try one more time to convince her before I get it done without her permission. Does anyone have any advice or tips on getting her to say yes?


12 January 2014 11:16:51 AM

Just after the easter holidays when I was in grade 8 my friend showed me her newly pierced Belly! from that day on I fell in love with navel piercings and really wanted mine done, but I never asked my parents cause they think that the only piercing that is acceptable is the first or maybe second ones in your ears. my mum had said I am never allowed any tattoos or piercings except for my seconds when I leave school. a full YEAR later my bestie and I worked out we both wanted to get our bellys done. so we really wanted to go together. she asked her mum that day and her mum said yes! I asked her to wait so we could still go together and she agreed. I finally got up the courage to ask my parent a couple of days later... the said NO. :( I was begging them and telling them why I wanted it done and showing them I was mature enough to get it done for ages. about two weeks later my friend gave up on me and went and got it done without me. :( eventually I convinced my parents and got it done at the beginning of this years Christmas holidays. it really hurt when the needle when through and the piercer says its cause I have really tough skin. but that’s good cause it should mean it will heal faster than normal. its been 4 weeks now and I LOVE my navel piercing! its healing super fast which is great.


22 December 2013 9:14:51 PM

I have always liked the look of a navel piercing my mum got hers done when I very young. In 8th grade a bunch of girls in my grade were getting their belly’s pierced for either their birthday or the summer. Being a few months older than them I thought my mum wouldn’t have an issue so one day driving home from school I asked mum if we could go and I get my belly pierced that weekend. She didn’t take it well and my dad went insane. We would fight and argue when I brought the topic up every few months. Each time I gather more and more information about the piercing. A year and a half after initially asking my parents my dad stepped in and listened to us fight before splitting us up and individually questioning us. After dad talked to my mum it was decided that I could get it pierced, however, I had to wait 6 months and not bring the topic up. I agreed but was concerned that mum would forget about the agreement. I was getting it done in 10th grade. Fortunately mum remembered and we sorted out a day to get it done. Mum went with me, signed the paperwork and I picked out my jewelry before being taken into a small room. I lifted up my shirt and she marked it. Next I laid down and closed my eyes. I herd the woman showing my mum how she can prove the needle had never been used before. I had the clamps they were just there, no pain involved. The lady said Your going to feel a sharp pinch and a second later that’s exactly what I felt. It lasted a split second. Next she told me I was done, which was a lie as the jewelry was not in me, but it relaxed me. The jewelry going though was a dull sting pressure. The top ball was put on, followed by a bandage and then given aftercare instructions. Upon leaving the room to pay, I found my dad has been outside the room the whole time. I lifted my shirt, asking him what he thought of the piercing and of corse dad turns he head while the lady mum and I laugh as the piercing is covered my a bandage. I’ve one had it for 15 months and I love it. Took almost the full year to heal but well worth it. I have a fair few belly rings that I can wear, especially during the summer. A bunch of my friends are jealous that I have it done I’m the only one in my group with my belly pierced.


25 December 2012 9:01:55 PM

I got my piercing a whole 7 days ago, I just had a dumb moment , I have only been cleaning the top hole with solution ,,,, I just looked down to c why it feels tender on my belly button and I realise the piercing goes right thru ,, derrrr ,, I totally kept thinking it was thru the top only for some reason , how silly of me lol

Hippy rockmum

18 December 2012 5:45:50 PM

This morning I went to get a tattoo I been waiting for weeks to get ,, tattoo guy comes to tell me he’s got the flu , 5 weeks of waiting and sadly tatt day over :( So I drive home sad and think ,, today I’ll get a navel piercing to keep me busy lol So I just spur of the moment walk into a piercer and say I want one Within 20 min I had a navel piercing !!! Hurt a bit , took a while to mark it in texta straight , she covered it in tape and a tissue , half hour later I think hmmm let me peek. I nearly fainted when I saw how much blood was soaked up !!! Stopped bleeding tho So it’s only been 9 hours , hurts to bend over it lay down but I love it , I got a clear diamond one , looks good, so random of me haha

Hippy rockmum

12 December 2012 11:23:49 AM

while my dad went with my sister to get the new iPhone mum, who got her belly pierced 15 years earlier, took me to get my belly done (my dad hates piercings but he gave me the okay). while mum filled in paper work i got to pick out my jewelry. once that was done i was taken into a small room to get pierced. the lady cleaned my belly and then marked it using a pen. i was asked to make sure the dots were straight, both mum and i said they were placed right. now it was time to lay down. she put clamps on me and spent a bit of time putting it in the right spot. the clamps didn’t hurt, just a bit of pressure, nothing i couldn’t handle. then she said to me you will feel a sharp pinch and merely a second later i felt a very sharp pinch, it was quick and intense and im not going to lie, it did hurt. once that was done she said i was finished, I’m glad she lied about that because i was more relaxed when she put the jewelry in. the jewelry going in was painful because it lasted longer and was very pressurized for me. after this she put some cleaning solution on my piercing and bandaged it up, i had to wait a half hour to see my piercing. then i was given an information sheet on how to clean it and i paid. once i was home i took the bandage off, there was some blood, but i was very happy with the piercing. for the first 3 weeks bending was painful so i became very good at squatting. i clean it just like i have been told but have encountered the start of an infection, which was quickly resolved with the use of teatree oil. i love my piercing and have no regrets :)


22 August 2012 7:26:44 PM

I am a guy and I have my belly button piercied too. A girl who is one of my closed friends has hers done and I thought it looked good and i liked it and wanted to do mine, I thought about and decided I would get it done. I dont regret doing it and glad I did get it done. Recently read on here about guys getting it done and think its cool guys can do it.


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Does getting your belly pierced hurt?

Getting your belly button pierced doesn‘t hurt nearly as much as the anticipation of it does! It‘s like a pinch and it‘s rather quick ... before you know it your laughing both with releif and excitement that it‘s DONE! It‘s actually quite an exhilierating experience.

When I had my navel piercing done (about 12 years ago now) my piercer made a joke about calling an ambulance shortly after performing the piercing. My friend and I were just too busy laughing to even think about the pain!

The healing process can take quite a few weeks, but asside from a little tenderness for the first few days, assuming you keep your belly piercing clean and clear of infection, the new piercing doesn‘t cause too much discomfort at all. Follow your piercers guidelines for looking after your piercing and you‘ll be surprised just how quickly it heals and how painless the whole procedure is. It‘s definately best to wear loose fitting clothing during this healing time, anything that won‘t rub and distress your belly piercing is great.

If your about to get your belly button pierced, my advice, stop worrying about it and simply look forward to the event. MAKE SURE YOU USE A PROFESSIONAL PIERCER!! This is very important. There are risks associated with piercings, but these are very low if you use a trusted professional. Also, take care when selecting the jewellery you will use for your new navel piercing, make sure you select a surgical grade belly ring and listen to the advise offered by your piercer. Some designs cause less stress on a new piercing and are worthwhile using in the short term for the long term benefits of a successful piercing. Internally threaded belly rings are also good for new piercings to avoid bacterial build up so consider these if they are available.

The answer? NO! Getting your belly button pierced doesn‘t hurt nearly as much as people who havn‘t had it done anticipate!

Kathy Acker, in an interview, described her own experience with piercing: Ground yourself and do really deep breathing. And if you do it right, the kundalini will come. The energy will go right to the top of your brain and shoot out. And it did!

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TummyToys® Rose Gold Pink Sapphire Sleeper - Solid 14k Rose Gold Belly Ring with Pink Sapphires

“A super special thanks for sending me the pink belly bar! It arrived yesterday and it is absolutely stunning! I have no words! That colour of pink and gold is my absolute favourite colour of gold ever! I wish all solid rose gold could be that pink & gorgeous! It is hands down the most stunning belly ring that I have ever seen. However, since I purchased my 1st (but definitely not my last) Tummy Toy, I love them so so much I don't want to and wont ever, wear any other style of belly bar! They are my hands down favorite and hands down the best belly piercings around anywhere! Thank you for your very wise words regarding my daughters piercing, I sincerely appreciated it very much. I gave her the romance bar because she loves it so much & before that I had given her the cupid bar & neither bar has affected her in any way at all which is brilliant! It also says so much for your integrity as a seller as you absolutely only sell high quality belly bars & rings! Thank you Helene! I very much look forward to purchasing from you again really soon! Take care Helene, thank you so much for everything, it has been a true pleasure to have been able to message with you like this. With kindest thanks & best regards, Nadia“

Nadia, Sydney Australia

TummyToys® Classic Silver Sleeper Belly Ring - Solid Silver Snap Lock Belly Ring

“My TummyToy sterling silver sleeper belly ring was the purchase I ever made online. I was working at McDonalds and I was 15 and I thought your products were so cool and different I decided to make the (then) very extreme decision to actually purchase something from the internet! Haha! That was nearly 8 years ago now and I just took it out earlier today to give it a polish and realised how long it had been. I still love my belly ring dearly and have not taken it out other than for a clean. I just wanted to say that I still think your products are so cool and the quality is outstanding. Thank you for giving me my first and favourite internet purchase ever.“

Leah, Sunbury VICTORIA Australia

TummyToys® Silver Sleeper with a 1 Point DIAMOND Navel Ring - Diamond Solid Silver Clasp Lock Belly Ring

“Just received my beautiful silver tummy toys huggy and swinger. I Love them, so different, so comfy and I will be back for more. Never seem anything like this here in the UK so it's causing quite a few comments. Thank you so much. “

LYNNE, Tamworth STAFFORDSHIRE United Kingdom

TummyToys® Classic Silver Sleeper Belly Ring - Solid Silver Snap Lock Belly Ring

“I had been having a lot of trouble with infections since I had my belly pierced eight months ago. I thought this may be due to the titanium in the cheaper style rings so purchased this silver one in the hope it would help. I'm pleased to report it has worked, so I will now be looking at getting the silver rings with gem stones.“

Narelle, Woodvale WA Australia

TummyToys® Yellow Gold Diamond Pave Sleeper - Solid 14k Yellow Gold Belly Ring with Diamonds

“I picked up my belly ring from the post office yesterday. It is all safe and sound and fits really well. It looks beautiful!! Thank you so much for all your help with this - you've really gone above and beyond!“

Sarah Jane, Girvan NSW Australia

TummyToys® Silver Clasp with Large Cubic Zirconia Gem - Solid Silver Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Navel Ring

“I just recently found your website & I love it!!! I bought a sterling silver belly ring (I have an allergy to nickel & had a hard time finding these type of rings). I received my belly ring today & LOVE it!! It is so pretty & easy to put in!!! I just bought a charm to go with it & I can't wait for it to come in.“

Danielle, Allison Park PA United States

TummyToys® 316L Surgical Steel Sleeper Navel Ring - Snap Lock Belly Ring

“Love it! At first i wasn't sure if I liked it as its so different to my other belly bars I've bought in the past but I've definitely grown to love the simplicity of it! I think I'd like to buy a rose gold one now :p“

Lucy, St Leonards NSW Australia

TummyToys® Rose Gold Diamond Pave Sleeper - Solid 14k Rose Gold Belly Ring with Diamonds

“Wow this is what I call to be on time, my package have arrived 2 days after I made the order, have to say that I am very impressed with my new belly rings, they look even better than in the web page, thanks so much for the gift, I loved it!“

Nadia, Cairns City QLD, Australia

TummyToys® Silver CZ Paved Sleeper Navel Jewellery - Paved Solid Silver Snap Lock Belly Ring

“Loving my shopping experience. Thank you for having such a wonderful website. I have looked all over at a variety of other sites and stores, and you not only have a fantastic selection of all the metals, but great prices.“

Hannah, Port Orchard WA United States

TummyToys® Yellow Gold Diamond Pave Sleeper - Solid 14k Yellow Gold Belly Ring with Diamonds

“Just letting you know the present arrived yesterday for my partner’s birthday that I ordered earlier this week. She was extremely impressed and overwhelmed with the surprise. She cannot wait till we see each other in January to thank me for it. Again, thank you for the wonderful service and product that you provided.“

Martin, Mawson Lakes SA Australia

TummyToys® Yellow Gold Diamond Pave Sleeper - Solid 14k Yellow Gold Belly Ring with Diamonds

“Good morning Helene, The gift went very well and was quiet a surprise for my friends birthday. It finally arrived considering the issue we had with Australia Post, they weren't always too helpful, I have addressed that issue with them already, just awaiting for a reply from them. The service and support that you provided was extremely appreciated and professional, I thank you very much for that. I have liked the products and service from your company, which is obvious by me placing another order for my wonderful partner for her birthday which she will receive by the weekend, fingers cross. I have also been trying to do this while overseas with work, so the time difference is difficult. Thank you for everything and keep up the awesome work and customer service.“

Martin, Mawson Lakes SA Australia

TummyToys® Classic Silver Sleeper Belly Ring - Solid Silver Snap Lock Belly Ring

“I got my navel pierced for my birthday last year and, as I am sure many of you know, these things heal relatively slowly, with fits and starts of irritation. I was using the original piercing jewelry (stainless steel barbell) but, of course, it would get caught on something every now and then and there would be another bout of irritation, Plus, stainless just isn't the same as gold or silver for me. I found Tummy Toys online and found the sleeper belly ring - silver and meant for comfort - and figured that I had to try it. Well, I order it and some other jewelry. I live in the U.S. and I was given a deliver by date of 10/9. The jewelry arrived about September 5th, which was great. But the silver sleeper belly ring is really the star. It is comfortable and doesn't get caught on clothing. The metal does not irritate my piercing. I am so happy! If you have trouble with irritating metal or jewelry that gets caught on clothing, Tummy Toys is a must buy!“

Cathleen, Detroit MICHIGAN United States

TummyToys® Classic Silver Sleeper Belly Ring - Solid Silver Snap Lock Belly Ring

“Received my belly ring today and it's absolutely stunning on. I wasn't expecting the shipping to be so fast. I like the free belly ring too. Keep up the great job TummyToys, please be expecting me to come back and order some more soon :)“

Kim, South Kalgoorlie WA Australia


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