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Saltwater Silver Hammered Heart CZ Clasp

$80.66 inc GST

From the exclusive Saltwater Silver collection is this gorgeous hand made solid 925 silver belly ring. Designed on the gold coast this uniquely crafted piece features an amazing drop of 925 silver multi size free moving solid silver rings that lead to a hammered solid silver heart pendant.

For your comfort, the heart bead is hollow in the center and the 10+ rings at the top of the bead are light weight, the piece provides an illusion of solid chunky jewels without inflicting a weighty pull on your piercing. A super comfy light weight dangling belly ring that you can enjoy wearing.

The coastal inspired pendant is attached to a high quality TummyToys solid 925 silver clasp that has been paved with glimmering cubic zirconia gems. No other body jewellery offers the convenience, security of attachment and beauty of real jewellery like TummyToys.

This elegant piece has been hand made by our talented jewellery designer at Saltwater Silver. The jewellery offers a unique alternative in belly ring fashion. Available ONLY at TummyToys Australia it's a completely unique style never before seen in belly jewellery. This design is also available in the plain silver clasp here.

Brand: Authentic TummyToys® Size Chart: Belly Ring Size Guide

Lifetime Guarantee: The full TummyToys® range of belly rings come with an unbeatable LIFETIME guarantee. Invest in your belly jewellery with confidence.

Cleaning Your TummyToys® Navel Rings

Our products have a lifetime guarantee. They will not age, flake or peel and are comprised of high quality jewellery materials. Caring for your TummyToys body jewellery helps eliminate the chances of infection and keeps your jewellery looking shiny and new.

All body jewelry will collect body oils and other small particles. Clean your body jewelry in jewellery cleaner and scrub gently with a small brush in the indented areas where grime could build up. We recommend using a silver cleaning cloth or Connoisseurs products on a weekly basis for ultimate shine.

TummyToys® belly rings are made from precious materials like gold and 925 solid silver, which means they will tarnish over time - however they are easy to clean (unlike cheap belly jewellery). Shining your navel jewellery with a Goddard's Polishing Cloth will remove the tarnish, restore the original shine and assist with protecting the silver.

Watch the video below for instructions from Melissa, the TummyToys® jewellery designer on how to clean your TummyToys® clasps so they last forever.

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Collect Interchangeable Swingers

TummyToys® "swingers" are charms with a jump-ring that slide right over your sleeper clasp. This allows you to add a charm without taking your body jewellery out. They are fun to collect and easy to use. The swinger charms are compatible with our Classic TummyToys® sleeper belly rings.

Watch the video below to see how they work.


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