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Over the Rainbow Heart Belly Ring - Rainbow Colourline Body Jewellery

Wendy, Northfield BIRMINGHAM United Kingdom

I received them and they are amazing thank you xx

14K Gold Miracle Gem Navel Piercing - Solid 14K Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Miracle Gem Belly Piercing Jewellery


Hey Tummytoys, confirming the receipt note of the Amazing belly ring on time!!!! With many thanks and it's exactly as its described and displayed on website. Sorry about the late acknowledgment being busy with my new born :) Keep up the great work.

Gold Opal Gleam Belly Bar - Natural Opal Belly Ring Basics

Brian, Bangor sydney NSW Australia

Excellent service, value for the price.

Golden Blazing Opal Sun Belly Dangle - Gold Plated Faux Opal Belly Bling

Maureen, Charlestown NSW Australia

Tummy toy received in good order, plus an extra one! Thank you!

Reverse Classic Swirl Belly Piercing - Cubic Zirconia Top Down Body Jewellery

Lysander, Balaclava VIC Australia

Got them and love them :) Thank you :)

Flesh Skin Coloured Acrylic Belly Rings - Disguise your Navel Piercing

Alina, West sacramento CALIFORNIA United States

Cute piercing, got the smallest size and it fits perfectly. The color is very light but it looks good against a tan body.

Totally Twisted Spiral Belly Rings - Exceptionally long spiral twist belly rings

Heather, Port Macquarie NSW Australia

I received everything and loved my belly rings! Thanks heaps tummy toys :)

Dazed Galaxy Acrylic Belly Bar - Symbolic Acrylic Body Jewellery

Brittany, Charlotte NORTH CAROLINA United States

Everything arrived perfectly! The bonus jewelry was even the custom size too!

Earth Tones Feather Belly Dangle - Earthy Red, Brown and Green Coloured Feather Navel Ring

Linda, Newport Beach NSW Australia

I received my order promptly and I am very happy with my items. Thanks so much, I will order from you again and give referrals.

Stork Baby Delivery Preggy Belly Ring - Clear Flex Maternity Belly Bar with Flying Stork

Chenell, Epuni WELLINGTON New Zealand

Received the belly ring and am very happy with it.

Gold Plated Gem Bar Dangle - Sparkling with Bling Body Jewellery


The belly piecing I purchased is amazing! I love it and will definitely be ordering more. Even the little acrylic one is great!!!

14K Basic Duo Ball Navel Ring Small 8mm - Solid 14K Yellow Gold Piercing with Small 8mm Bar Length

Nikki, Mt Austin NSW Australia

Amazing customer service from Tummy Toys! This item was not stocked when I initially called TT, but they sourced it and got it in. I was informed every step of the way and received my item today. The quality is amazing and the gold is lustrous, I'm in love & can't wait to place my next order.

Turquoise Acrylic Belly Rings - Vibrant Natural Body Jewellery

Eilish, Melbourne VICTORIA Australia

Thank you so much for sending a replacement for my turquoise belly bar that was faulty. I have been very impressed with the quality of all the other purchases I have made from your shop and this replacement was equally good! It fits perfectly and the colour is so beautifully vibrant!

Clear Flex Gem Maternity Navel Rings - Sparkling Cubic Zirconia Gem Pregnancy Belly Bars

Danielle, Coburg North VIC Australia

Just a little follow up after an email you sent inquiring if I had received my order. The order arrived very promptly (as in the earliest you suggested it might arrive) and as far as I can tell it is exactly as it should be. I have been into multiple shops in the city in an attempt to find a belly bar to use while I was pregnant as the standard kind was starting to cause some discomfort. I knew they were around as I had helped a friend find one for her sister, unfortunately the final location where that one was found was an hour and a half away. Thanks to you I can keep my 14 year old piercing for a little longer :) Hopefully even through the whole pregnancy, after which I would be inclined to look into further purchases through your shop after you made it so easy this time around. I will admit the free gift although a nice idea the one which arrived with my order will only go to waste on me as I generally stick to the surgical stainless steal variety not plastic making the exception at present due to the ever increasing bump I am carrying.

Black Opal Gleam Belly Bar - Natural Opal Belly Ring Basics

Sandra, BRISBANE QLD Australia

The navel piercings I've received are really well made and nice to wear. I really like this site and will be coming back to get new ones every now and then. Thank you.

Prism Cube Belly Button Ring - Claw Set Prism Cube Belly Bar

Peter, Budapest Hungary

Absolutely lovely, a quality piece, really fond of it. Good delivery time around half the globe!

Matching Ball Rose Gold Plated Belly Bar - Rose Gold Plated Body Jewellery

Courtney, Hebron OHIO United States

Very cute and totally worth the money! I would recommend this product.

GLOW in the Dark Captive Bead Belly Ring - PTFE Flex Captive Navel Ring

DaJanae, Chicago ILLINOIS United States

I received my order and was very happy with the belly rings. I'll be ordering more in the near future.

Stork Baby Delivery Preggy Belly Ring - Clear Flex Maternity Belly Bar with Flying Stork

Stephanie, Hazelbrook NSW Australia

Happy with purchase and lovely packaging, quick delivery. Thank you.

Natural Sodalite Belly Bar - Oval Sodalite Semi Precious Stone Belly Ring

Jacki, Collingwood VIC Australia

Lovely sized stone, very comfy. More blue than purple in colour.

Funky Yellow Owl Navel Ring - Cute Yellow UV Belly Bar with Custom Sizing Options

Nichole, FL United States

First of all I love this company. I unfortunately have to get a slightly longer bar for my belly rings and its a pain to purchase nice ones in my size. Not only do they have a huge collection to choose from but they also have great quality. This specific belly ring is beautiful and comfortable. The owl isn't too big or to small. PLUS they send your free belly ring with each order. I swear it's like they know me. They couldn't have picked a more appropriate design. It's so me. Also they were super nice about accommodating my free belly ring for a longer one that will fit properly. When you order three is a place where you can leave a message for who is packaging and processing your order. I kindly asked for my longer size of possible and when I got my package there was a tiny note that said no problem and a : ) to summarize a very long review...their company is amazing...their products are amazing...their prices are amazing....Tummy Toys just rocks.

TummyToys® Pink Swarovski Crystal Heart - Snap Lock Belly Button Rings

Kim, Marlton NJ United States

I received my Tummy Toy, before the expected delivery date, and I could not be happier!!! I love this design, the comfort factor is incredible and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I will definitely be saving up to purchase another of these beauties :o) I am a customer for life :o) Thank you for such a beautiful, well designed item that solicits amazing responses from anyone who sees it!!

Basics in Maternity Navel Rings - With Clear Balls

Vathani, Petaling Jaya SELANGOR Malaysia

I've received my order. Thank you so much for the lovely note and free gift. Much appreciated.

Top Down Gem Journey Belly Ring - Expanding Gem Journey Navel Jewellery

Ashlee, Mermaid Beach QLD Australia

A little long for my liking, but true to its photo and fits well :)

Rainbow Sunburst Opal Belly Dangle - Rainbow Colourline Dangly Belly Button Ring


Loveddddd this belly ring!

Indian Elephant Gold Plated Belly Ring - Antique Indian Elephant 14K Gold Plated

Kirti, Amaroo ACT Australia

Fast postage and the elephant is beautiful. I love it, thanks so much!

Aurora Zen Rose Belly Bar - Water Droplet Rose Petal Navel Ring

Lindsay, South Penrith NSW Australia

Beautiful belly bar! Currently ordering another one as I lost mine.

Matching Ball Rose Gold Plated Belly Bar - Rose Gold Plated Body Jewellery

Jillian, Tampa FLORIDA United States

I purchased this for my lower/inverse navel piercing and it fits PERFECTLY! I've been searching for months and months for a barbell this size and the customizable option for length is so convenient. It fits comfortable and is made of great material. I will be purchasing more. Beware that the 6mm is VERY small and it fit in mine perfectly but it was smaller than expected. If you are wanting one for a traditional navel piercing I would suggest at least the 8mm.

Rose Gold Plated Horse Shoe Belly Ring - Circular Barbell Navel Ring

Jillian, Tampa FLORIDA United States

The color of this is so cute and I absolutely love it but for my body I found the 10mm to be a bit large. I have a decently small belly button so that's why it looked a bit off. The quality is wonderful and it's a very cute product that I wish would've looked good on my body.

Matching Ball Rose Gold Plated Belly Bar - Rose Gold Plated Body Jewellery

Jillian, Tampa FLORIDA United States

In love with the custom size lower navel ring from your company! Amazing quality and customer service, I will most definitely be purchasing again and have already recommended your store to multiple friends!


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